Day 4: Glaciar Vespigniani

The weather prediction for today was for rain in the entire valley. Given that, the guides last night were suggesting hikes around the hotel area, but since we have already done a few of those, we decided to go on a full day hike toward the Vespigniani Glacier, where there is a lot of tree cover. We met our guide, Rosie, at the map and were on the way.

First we drove about 45 minutes north to a dock on the Lago del Desierto. Along the way, we made a quick stop at a waterfall to stretch our legs and take some pictures. We hopped back in the van for a few minutes and reached the doc. Since the land in this area has been privatized, Explora partnered with a company called Exploradores for the boat ride and entrance to the hike. We spent about 20 minutes on the boat enjoying the view of the river, glaciers, mountains, and could even see the mountains in Chile.

Not listening to TLC’s advice

Second mode of transportation for the day

Pointing at Chile

As the name of the lake implies, Vespigniani Glacier is located in the Lago del Desierto region. There are two main trails that lead to a lookout of the Vespigniani Glacier. We choose the red route, which totaled only about 2 miles, but had some steep inclines. As promised, the forest was very green and full of trees that keep their leaves in the winter, creating a cover from the elements. We trekked up the mountain and made it to the lookout point with a 360 degree view of the glacier, valley, and surrounding mountain ranges.

Hiking the red route

Made it to the top — high sticks!

We were able to spend some time at the lookout and were lucky enough to hear and see an avalanche on the glacier.

The river view from the lookout

Group shot with the Vespigniani Glacier

Enjoying the area

We continued on the loop and started the descent to the starting point. Along the way, we saw a rainbow, the river shore, and more fall colors.

Rainbow Road

Dad is continuing his pointing streak

On the way to the lake

Tree canopy

We ate our lunches (I missed you canisters and Explora soup) under Exploradora’s Eco Dome and relaxed until the boat arrived. Please note: at this point, it still had not rained on us. When we boarded the boat and left, it had just started raining lightly, and we could see the low clouds and rain back in the direction of Explora. We reversed the route from the morning and made it back with plenty of time to relax before dinner. Once we returned to our rooms, it started pouring. Not only was the hike great, but we also definitely had good luck with the weather.

V for Vespigniani

I’m on a boat

Heading back south

Rainy afternoon views

The weather tomorrow should be sunny, so we planned the Tres de los Laguna hike, a long full day hike that should give us a clear view of Mt. Fitzroy and the surrounding towers.

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  1. Wow! Those fall colors and foliage as well as the mountains sure do make for some gorgeous photo shots. I’m stunned by the amount of color. The shot of the 4 of you is wonderful. So glad the weather held out for you – hopefully that luck will continue while you are there. There doesn’t seem to be many others around – guess they are also all out hiking? or in the spa? Anyway it’s always nice when you have more of the place to yourselves! Will be looking forward to more of these kind of photo shots. Thank you!

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