Day 3: Los Huemules

The Explora lodge is located in the Los Huemules reserve, where our two hikes for the day were. This is also the same area where we did our short hike yesterday. Starting with breakfast, we got ready for the day and met our guide, Eros, at the map. As always, the hike was explained, and we learned that we will hike from the lodge along the Electric River, in the Electric Valley into a glacial moraine.

Breakfast Club

Eros points to our route

Fall colors on the Electic River

Charged up for the hike in the Electirc Valley

The total hike was about 10 km, there and back. The river was lined with trees changing color for fall, and the Fitz Roy mountains in the background. Along the way, Eros told us about the mushrooms, bushes, and wildlife droppings. Only Puma poop was seen, but still no pumas.

Is this a trail marker or Mt. Fitzroy art?

The view while hiking

Off the trail and onto the moraine

We made it to the top of one of the mounds in the moraine, looking out at the Marconi Glacier (yes, the radio guy) and Mt. Fitzroy. At that time, Eros brought out the tea and cookies, which we thoroughly enjoyed before making our way back to the lodge.

Marconi Glacier moraine valley – fin de senda

Brief Fitz Roy tower sighting

Of course, the end of the hike included passing by the BBQ house, with lamb already cooking. We had time to each lunch and relax before our second hike.

Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys

Explora dining room

Soon enough, it was time to leave for the next hike. We met our guide Paula and the one other guest going on this hike. Paula explained that we would again leave from the lodge, but take a different trail to Laguna Azul. When we arrived, it was obvious how it got its name. We continued to Laguna Verde, which was, you guessed it, verde.

Yup, that is definitely a blue lagoon

Yup, that’s definitely blue

Neither of these photos made it in the blog

On the way to Laguna Verde

Do you think this lagoon is envious of the bigger one?

The vegetation in the water is doing the heavy lifting for “verde”

Pato, Pato, Pato Vapor

After the lakes, we hiked further north, over the Rio Cañadon de Los Toros on a suspension bridge. We all made it across alive and finished the hike about a mile later.

Treebeard Cohen joined the group

No bears in Patagonia, but great post-hike beers

Prior to starting the afternoon hike, we had the forethought to book a hot tub for when we returned. We all spent some time relaxing before dinner. Tomorrow is forecasted to be rainy, so we are going on a hike in a different area that should have enough tree cover to keep us mostly dry-ish.

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  1. What do you on these hikes in the middle of nowhere when you have to go to the bathroom?

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