Day 2: Buenos Aires to El Chaltén

Today is the day we arrive at Explora! It all started when our pre-arranged airport shuttle driver picked us up right on time and promptly started driving to the wrong airport. Luckily, we noticed that he was going the wrong direction and changed course in time. We managed to get through the road construction and the airports crowds and found the right line (on the second try) to check our bags. Miraculously, we made it to the gate with enough time for coffee and breakfast. The concern about the lack of an airplane at the gate was quickly dispelled when we found out we take a bus to the plane.

This van is definitely going to AEP, right?

Just your average 6am check-in line

Made it on the plane!

Now approaching Patagonia

The flight went well and we landed in El Calafate on time where we met our Explora driver and the one other passenger. After about an hour and quite a few guanaco sightings, we stopped for lunch at an old Gaucho bar turned restaurant established in 1894. Once we were filled with empanadas, hot chocolate, and brownies we got back on the road for the last two hours.

Good views so far

Stayed awake and didn’t get dizzy

The only reason to turn the wheel is the high velocity winds

Dad: “Is that fresh?”

The terrain changed from flat, dry grasslands to giant picturesque mountains. A lookout of the mountain range was a convenient stop along the way, just before getting to the town of El Chaltén. We were able to see Mt Fitzroy and the surrounding peaks and glaciers. This is autumn in Patagonia, which means fall colors and high winds.

Watch out for flying guanacos

It’s a little windy

We all made it!

About 45 minutes past El Chaltén, a very small touristy outdoorsy town, we arrived at Explora — only about 48 hours after leaving home. The Explora Welcome wagon greeting us with drinks, hospitality, and room keys. As usual, the rooms have amazing views.

Room with a view


Since it was already 4:30, we didn’t have time for a full half-day exploration, but we were offered an 1.5 hour into hike around the property, which we quickly agreed to. Leaving right from the hotel, we walked about a mile towards the Los Huemules Reserve forest. Hiking through the trees, we saw various types of ferns, the ever important Calafate plant, and lagoons. Once we made it to the lookout, we enjoyed tea and cookies and then hiked our way back to the hotel.

Melissa explains the hike

And we are on our first exploration!

Into the Patagonian forest we go

First task was to find the spa. Next task was to freshen up and get a drink from the bar. All tasks were accomplished successfully. Before sitting down for dinner, we met with a guide to plan our next day. Given the fact we have 7 days to explore, we decided to start with two half days hikes – both of which will start from the hotel again. With that settled, we sat down for a delicious dinner and refueled. Every night, one of the menu options will be a traditional Argentinian asada, cooked in the smokehouse right next to the hotel. Tonight we had beef ribs and flank steak.

These sun rays smell like BBQ

We are all looking forward to a full night’s sleep and tomorrow’s hikes for our first full day in one place since Wednesday.

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  1. Good to hear you have arrived safely!
    Such scenery – well except for the upturned vehicle! And that scene out your window is so perfect it looks like it must be a well done photographic poster! So gorgeous! Do you get the same view when you are relaxing in the spa?? The meals from the smokehouse sound so good – and I’ve heard that Argentina has great wines. Hope all the weather cooperates and you will be able to get out and see lots of good stuff!
    And the photo of the 4 of you is great…
    Thanks for sharing and ‘taking us along’!

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