Day 1: Chicago to Buenos Aires

Welcome back to the blog: Take-a-Kid-on-Vacation edition. Three years after our planned trip for June 2020 was canceled (thanks, Covid), we are on our way to Patagonia! This time, we are heading for the Argentina side, specifically to Mount Fitz Roy — the same mountain that is on the Patagonia clothing company logo. We will get to spend seven nights at Explora El Chalten with great food, scenic hikes, and giant mountains.

Continuing the tradition of pointing at trains.

The adventure started with a flight to Miami with Matt & Jo and Mom & Dad on separate flights. We stayed at the very convenient (but not much else) Miami Airport hotel to sleep for a few hours before the next leg. After Mom & Dad checked in for their flight the next morning and were assigned seats to avoid getting Delta’d, we all met up for the hotel breakfast, fancy lounge access (thanks, parents in business class!) and to board the 8.5 hour flight.

Aerolineas Argentinas sound like a good airline to take to Argentina.

Hey, that’s where we’re going!

A few movies, a couple of meals, and one sunset later, we landed in Buenos Aires! Customs and baggage claim was a breeze, and we met our driver to take us to the hotel. With a 5:45 am departure time from the hotel tomorrow, we went to our rooms, had our beers we kept from the flight, and went to sleep.

Checking out the sunset as we near Buenos Aires

The aforementioned sunset

The Fast and the Furious: Airport Shuttle

Tomorrow is our last travel day, and we should arrive in Explora by the late afternoon. Just one more ride to the airport, a three hour flight, and a three hour car ride to go!

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