Day 12: SkyLodge to Chicago

Today we woke up in our crazy SkyLodge pod and enjoyed the sunrise view from the side of a cliff! The pod was a bit cold from the night – maybe mid-30s, similar to camping outside in the fall – but we quickly rectified that and warmed up with some tea thanks to the hot water provided in the thermos.

Hot tea to warm up in the pod

Geared up and ready to go

At 7am, we put on our harnesses and made the 10-minute climb back over to the dining capsule for coffee and breakfast with the rest of the group. We had fruit, bread, granola, and the guides even made us eggs.

You know, just a quick climb to breakfast

Morning view from the breakfast pod

Delicious breakfast banana rings

Dining pod has the cliff wall built in

After, we had about an hour of free time to go back to our pods, enjoy the view and get ready for the day. During this time the photographer stopped by and helped take some fun pictures and videos with the drone.

Chillin’ in the pod

Chillin’ on the pod

Pod window for fresh air

We got the top pod, one of the other pods can be seen below us

To get back down off the cliff, we took 6 zip lines. Our pod was the highest, so when it was time to leave, everyone met on our platform to climb a bit further up to get to the first zip line.

Bye pod! Heading up and out.

Waiting on our platform for the rest of the group

On the way to the first zip line

At about 10:30, we made it back down all in one piece and left right away for the Cusco airport. On the way, we were stopped by transport authority. I suppose our driver had the right papers since we were able to continue on.

Made it back alive!


We arrived back in the hustle of Cusco. Our flight wasn’t until 6:00, but others in our group had a flight at 1:40. We spent our time relaxing and people watching until our flight. Plus, we had to have one more Inca Kola.

Welcome back to Cusco!

Anybody need a hand cart? I know a great place…

Most of the day was spent in airports enjoying Peruvian classics

The flight went well and we made it to the Lima airport with plenty of time before our flight to Miami (so early, they had us wait 45 minutes before we could check our bags). Our Miami was a red-eye that departed at 11:45. Once we checked in, we got moved to the 2-seat exit row (woo!). We got some dinner at ChinaWok in the food court and made our way to the gate.

Exit row leg room!

“Made with Peruvian potatoes”

After a few hours of sleep, we arrived in Miami at about 6am, we went through customs (Global Entry is still the best), re-checked our bags, went back through security and made it to our gate with 20 minutes to spare before boarding our last flight to Chicago. We made it back home right on schedule. It was a wonderful trip that won’t be forgotten!

4 Comments on “Day 12: SkyLodge to Chicago”

  1. Best news ever! Congratulations to both of you. So happy for you two! I think this will go down as one very unique and unforgetable marriage proposal. (btw – those zip line rides seem to send Joanna into oblivion – no double exhilarating!) Not so sure I could do those pods – seems to be right next to those daring people who sleep in hammocks off the side of mountains! Kudos to you both!

  2. Congratulations again for the good news and for pulling off another awesome adventure. Thank you again for sharing your exciting trip with us!

  3. We’ve been loving your daily blog from Peru. The detailed descriptions are brilliant, and helped us picture what you’d been up to each day. And now Philip and I want to say many congratulations to you both on your engagement. You two are so suited!!! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together, whether it be in Chicago or on yet another exciting journey. And yes, marriage is one of those journeys, so enjoy every moment!

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