Day 14: Santa Cruz to Iguazú Falls

Today was an airport/rest day. In other words, not very exciting. But let us regale you with the tales of the day anyway.

We woke up and had our breakfast at the Raddison before our taxi pick up scheduled for 5:30 am. Our driver was a bit late, but since it was so early, there was no traffic on the roads, and short lines at the airport.

We didn’t need a visa to fly to São Paulo, but Bolivia wanted proof of a flight leaving Brazil before issuing our ticket (why??). Good thing we were prepared with all the paperwork. We checked our bags, went through customs and had time to relax and drink some much needed coffee, and eat some empanadas in a lounge.

Good morning, airplane

Thanks for letting us out, Bolivia

The flight went well and we finally made it to São Paulo. We collected our bags and immediately checked in for our next flight to Iguazu Falls. Since we had about three hours until boarding, we found a lounge to spend the time.

Made it to São Paulo!

And made it to the lounge

And ready for Gerudo Town

When we headed to the gate for our 5:20 flight, the previous GOL flight was still there. They eventually left, but our LATAM plane was late, so we had to wait some more. Despite the slightly annoying crowd and a 40 minute delay, we survived.

Sunset as we take off

Upon arriving in Iguazu Falls, transportation was provided by the hotel, the Belmond das Cataratas. We were picked up by Francisco, who is not only one of Belmond’s drivers, but a tour guide as well. During the 25 minutes to the hotel, he told us facts about the Iguazu National Park, the falls, and the animals that can be found in the park. The hotel opened in 1958 and is the only hotel that sits within the National Park.

Met Francisco and were on our way

When we arrived, we were greeted with delicious warm welcome drinks (it may be 75 degrees, but it’s technically winter). We also received a quick tour of the hotel. After we were shown our (upgraded) room, we walked around on our own and found the gym, pool, spa, bar, and restaurants. And most importantly, where we could get more of those drinks.

View of the moon and hotel

Mmm, warm drinks

Doors made from trees that are now protected

Fancy fruit-by-the-foot soap

We settled in and got ready for the adventures we have planned for tomorrow.

Just like home

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