Day 13: Uyuni to Santa Cruz

This morning we packed up, enjoyed breakfast, and said goodbye to Uyuni lodge.

Last morning with a volcano view out the front door

We drove across the salt flats to get to Uyuni. Along the way, we passed one other car and saw one truck. Big traffic day.

Hexagonal salt pattern

There are a few salt hotels along the shore that are currently very empty. Apparently the rainy season is a more popular time. When we drove through the town, we met up with the main road to the airport.

First paved road we’ve driven on in about two weeks

Adios, amigos!

We reached the Uyuni Airport and said goodbye to Oscar and Abel. With time to spare, we sat at the one cafe in the airport until it was time to go through security. Finally THE incoming flight arrived and we were able to board the same plane.

Enjoying some coffee

Come on guys, the outdoor heater is a bit excessive

Bolivia loves armed guards as much as paperwork

Has the itinerary changed since we headed up these steps?

Fish Island, Volcán Tunupa, and Explora lodge all in the distance

When we landed in La Paz, we had plenty of time before our flight to Santa Cruz. We found the lounge and relaxed until it was time to board. Being lounge people is great.

This is how to pick the richest coffee in… Bolivia

Now boarding for Santa Cruz

It was another quick and easy flight. Due to all the Bolivian Airlines changes and the fact that we had to spend a night in Santa Cruz, they offered to provide us a hotel voucher. After getting our bags, we went to the check-in counter to figure out exactly where we will be staying tonight and how this all works.

Turns out it works well! They got us a taxi to the hotel where we got our rooms (yes, plural) along with dinner and breakfast. They are also sending the taxi to pick us up in the morning. Letting Bolivian Airlines plan our evening was accidentally a great plan. We settled in, had dinner, and got ready for our next day of flights tomorrow (AKA another rest day, yay!).

Rolling into Santa Cruz like this girl riding shotgun in a truck

Checking in

Sinister looking tower outside the Raddison

Be the slide

2 Comments on “Day 13: Uyuni to Santa Cruz”

  1. Looks like the airline stepped up to make things right after all the changes! Yay for you guys! Enjoy! Now for safe travels home, bringing great memories with you!

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