Day 6: Laguna Condor

Matt’s hike wasn’t scheduled to leave until 9:15, so he had some extra time to sleep in. With the rest of us taking a rest day, we also slept in and had a leisurely breakfast. Matt was the only one schedule for his hike with Rosie as the guide. She mentioned that due to the rain last night and this morning, the hike was very muddy and slippery, and might not be the best or safest hike. They went over options and picked a different, shorter and easier hike, and Dad decided to join.

Today’s window view

What’s at the end of a rainbow?

Off to hike!

Mom and Jo spent some time in the morning enjoying the view from the lobby and relaxing, then went to the spa for some much needed yoga and stretching.

Very helpful stretching

On the hike, Matt and Dad went to Laguna Condor. The trail was over the river and through the woods with very old and mostly dead (but mostly alive). After a short hike, they arrived at Laguna Condor lake and a waterfall.

Start of the hike to Laguna Condor

That’s a big hole in the tree

Laguna Condor is starting to look like Rivendell

Looking south over Laguna Condor

Dude, where’s the Van?

Dad and Matt returned to the hotel at about 11:30 and we all spent some time relaxing before lunch.

Made it back!

Mom had a massage appointment while Matt and Jo went to try out the drone. Although it was windy, we managed to not only get it up and running, but back in one working piece.

Self-Guided afternoon exploration: Drones!

And we have lift off

Our view after the drone exploration

We continued our recovery day with some very well made drinks at the bar. The R&R seemed to work and we were ready to pick a full day hike for tomorrow to Laguna Diablo.

Same view, afternoon lighting

Excellent Bartending

Dad points

Before going to sleep, we checked if the skies were clear enough to see any stars. We were able to see some constellations like the Southern Cross and Orion and a faint view of the Milky Way.

Yes, that is Orion in the southern hemisphere

Stars from the back of the hotel

Stars from the front of the hotel

1 Comments on “Day 6: Laguna Condor”

  1. Geesch! …not only stunning fall colors, but a rainbow as well!! Another day of stunning views. Is there anything there that isn’t amazing to look at? LOL! Are there any condors at Laguna Condor?

    Didn’t know you guys had a drone but seems like you have enough skills to make a very nice 360° view. Thanks for the spin. It gives one the feeling of truly being far away from society and deep into the natural world.

    Always wonderful to view night skies that aren’t subject to artificial earth light. Such an amazing place to be. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s trek!

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