Day 6: Bergen/Flam

As expected, Bergen was a bit rainy this morning. With only casual exploring to do, we took our time to get ready. It is worth noting the Thon breakfast buffet lives up to the online hype – if for no other reason than the orange juice machine. The food choices spanned from eggs to bacon, to various deli meats, cheeses, salad, breads, and desserts. After sampling all that, and a few cups of cappuccinos, we were ready to explore the city.

Orange you glad it’s breakfast?! Yes indeed

Preparing to venture out and about Bergen

Within Bergen is the area of Bryggen. Dating back to 1070, Bryggen is made up of wood buildings and was used as the town center. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Center and houses shops, museums, and restaurants.

Bryggen craft shops feel like the Renaissance Fair, and smell like fancy wood

A study of Bryggen porches, part 1

A study of Bryggen porches, part 2

When walking through one of the shops, we discovered necklaces hand-made by an artist in Northern Norway who uses the Sami culture as inspiration. After some contemplation, I decided to get a silver necklace with reindeer antlers. Given the price, we realized it is probably the best value we will find in Norway. So, we returned to the same shop later to buy a gold one as well.

Further west past Bryggen is the Rosenkrantz Castle from the 1240s. In WWII, the Norwegians accidentally blew up one of their ships, and it damaged the castle. Good work, guys.

The Rosenkrantz castle in Bergen…

…which was blown up ‘accidentally’ in WW2 (but probably the Germans, no?)

Continuing on, we passed all the shops selling tour boat people their junk souvenirs. Then we ventured into the more modern part of the city with a large plaza and a variety of department stores, including a “Super Duper” Moods of Norway Store.

New game show pitch: Moose, Elk, Caribou or Reindeer???

Everybody is playing!

Sailors Monument in Torgallmenningen Square

Rainy scene in the city

Current mood of Norway is soggy

As promised, we stopped back at the fish market for lunch. After our large breakfast, and knowing that we would also be receiving dinner at our next hotel in Flam, we decided to forgo the giant mixed seafood plates and split a salmon plate instead.

Fish market operates rain or shine

Mmmmm… lunch

The drive to Flam included many tunnels, and although the route was not an official scenic drive, it was still pretty good.

Bergen Railway sighting

Back to the mountains

Lots of tunnels, including two totalling 15km near Flam

We arrived at the historic Fretheim Hotel, which used to be a barn, but too many rich English Lords wanted a place to stay while they hunted and fished, so it turned into a hotel. We took it easy, ate our dinner, and continued taking it easy after that.

Arrival at Fretheim Hotel, just like English lords of yore

Contemplating the gray skies over dinner

We have tickets to ride the Flam Railway tomorrow morning at 7:30. Good thing our hotel is about three minutes from the station. It’s like that was on purpose!

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  1. Mmmm…lunch looks good! Will it ever stop raining? Still hoping the sun will shine on you two!

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