Day 5: Hardanger/Bergen

It was nice to wake up this morning without an alarm. We had time to leisurely pack up our things and have breakfast before saying goodbye to Odda and its teeny tiny streets.

This comically narrow road earns you a PhD in parallel parking

There was a quick discussion of which route to take to Bergen. We decided on the scenic route over the one with two super long tunnels. That turned out to be a good choice as we passed some pretty cool spots along the way including a hydroelectric power plant (good use of all those waterfalls), orchards, and more fjords/cliffs.

Glad we took the scenic route to Jondal instead of the tunnels

Marriage of hydroelectric power and Scandinavian design

Hardanger region orchards

Not quite apple season yet…

…but it is moreller (cherry) season!

After our cherry break, the orchards were done, but the views were not. Here’s some proof that not all roads in Norway are at the base of a steep slope next to a body of water:

Next to the fjords and through the woods

Patches of sun heading south on Hardanger scenic drive toward Jondal

Little girl is so over the artsy architecture design at this Hereiane travel stop

We took another Ferry to get across the Fjord from Jondal to Torvikbygd (which was pretty hard to say to the ticket dude). On the way to Bergen we passed Steinsdalsfossen, a waterfall which was probably more powerful than usual due to the summer snow melts and the recent rains. There is a trail that takes you up and behind the falls where you are able to stand under it and not get wet.

Steinsdalsfossen is a waterfall in the village of Steine in the municipality of Kvam in Hordaland county. In other words, it was on our way.

It’s not the biggest waterfall but it packs a punch, and you can walk behind it

Well, there are some bridges in Chicago if you’re looking…

We made it to Bergen around 6pm and found much of the crowd returning to their cruise ship after a day at port. Checking into the hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to find out (or remember) that the hotel offers free dinner!

Arrival in Bergen!

After we ate a few bowls of delicious lamb stew, we walked a couple of blocks to Floibanan, the Mt. Fløyen Funnicular. We bought tickets and rode up to the top — no hiking up crazy trails today. In addition to taking in the great view of the city, we meandered around the forested park area at the top and hung out with a friendly duck for a while.

Overlooking Bergen from Mt Fløyen

Near-sunset view of Bergen from Mt Fløyen

Team of free-range goats that mow the lawn on Mt. Fløyen… wonder what they’d name an orange goat?

Yeah man! Way to not let those billy goats push you around!

Sorry, looking for bread from carb-free lady isn’t going to fly

Still light out when we came back down at 9pm, we wandered the streets of Bergen for a while longer. ALERT! First sighting of McDonalds and Starbucks in Norway. We also went to the famous Bergen Fish Market where we were offered samples of smoked salmon and whale meat. While not too excited to eat any more whale, we will definitely be returning for lunch tomorrow for some fresh seafood.

Friendly fish guy gives us samples

The Bryggen row houses catch the day’s remaining rays of sun

We plan to continue to explore Bergen tomorrow before heading over to Flam.

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  1. Hey Jo, ever concider dropping the teaching thing and just being a writer for Colbert, Fallon, or Kimmel? (Noah left out intentionally. I heard working conditions are bad)

  2. Does this ‘Hardanger’ region have anything to do with the traditional Norwegian art of hardanger? Beautiful scenic area and the photos are wonderful. Love the goat photo lineup – took me a minute to catch the joke! You get extra points for trying whale! The painted, wood sided buildings in Bryggen look just charming.

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