Day 14: Hong Kong

Today began with a 6:30AM wake-up call and some final packing maneuvers before we headed upstairs for one last tasty Hyatt breakfast.  We also successfully remembered to return the entire Daniel Craig portion of the business center’s DVD library (which we had rented). 

Forks down, we picked up our bags and headed to the lobby.  Nicole arranged a taxi to take us to the airport at 8:30AM.  On the way toward Lantau Island, we got a couple long-distance views of downtown Hong Kong to make up for yesterday’s rainout.

Quick glance at Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island on the way to the airport

At the airport, I paid the cabbie with all the Hong Kong dollar bills and coins left in my pockets, which was the exact right amount (including a tip).   We have become very proficient at using up all our local currency to avoid a trip to the exchange window.   (Not as satisfying as the BK Chicken sandwich and the DQ sundae for the EXACT amount of Baht we had left in Thailand, but still.)

Using a luggage cart is complete cultural immersion

Feeling adventurous, we decided to use the self check-in kiosk rather than wait in the Cathay Pacific economy check-in line.  Typically, we just stand in line with everybody else because it avoids any troubles with checking bags for international travel, especially if the machines (and the people helping you use them) are interfaced via a foreign language.  But seeing as how everything worked great this time, we’re happy to add the international self check-in machine to our traveling repertoire.

A Cathay Pacific 777 is ready to take us home

The flight took off on Sunday at 11:50AM local Hong Kong time and landed at O’Hare about 13 hours later at 1PM CT… still Sunday.  So dads, take pleasure in the fact that we have been able to celebrate your Father’s Day about 150% longer than usual!

Back under friendly Chicago skies… Just me or do those clouds say “Hi”?

And now, the trip is complete!

2 Comments on “Day 14: Hong Kong”

  1. Thanks for letting us tag along on your wonderful journey to places, temples, restaurants, markets, and hotels via planes, buses, bicycles, tuk tuks, trains, and taxis. (no elephants this trip) Again you’ve broadened our horizons and expanded our knowledge of the world. And no run-ins with monkeys! Glad you’re back safe and sound. Mom and Dad:)

  2. I love reading about all the places you go. I feel like I’m on an adventure with the two of you. I love all of the pictures. I think the clouds do say hi!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

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