Prologue: Journey to NZ

Hello travel blog followers!

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to come along with us. Check back daily for some information, pictures, and perhaps even a video about where we have been. We will let you know where in New Zealand we are, and what adventures we are going on. For those of you playing along with “Where in Middle Earth are Matt and Joanna?” we will be sure to keep you posted.

This is the map. Most of these places are real.

This is the map. Most of these places are real.

Above you will find a map which highlights some of the main cities we will be visiting on our trip. The journey will begin with a layover in Auckland, a flight into Queenstown, and a drive to Te Anau (on the left side of the road!) where we will be spending three nights. Look out for fjords, glaciers, and glowworms. After that, we will head to Queenstown for some wine, mountains, and horses. An overnight dog sledding trip will be next, followed by star gazing and hiking at Mt. Cook. We will hike Mt. Sunday (or Edoras for you LOTR fans) before heading back to Auckland and Hobbiton for the last two days.

I hope you enjoy our blog. If not, just stop reading. Feel free to leave comments about my awesome writing, how great the trip is, how you wish you were here, etc., etc.

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