Day 17: Iguassú to Chicago

We have reached the end of our journey. Before heading out, we went on one last experience. We met Francisco for the First Light tour just before sunrise. He lead us along the path overlooking the falls that start just outside the hotel.

Good Morning, Belmond

As we started walking, we were always keeping a lookout for birds. We saw toucans and parrots, as well and vultures and swifts.

Follow your nose

Along the path you can see a panoramic view of the falls. Due to the temperature mix of the air and water, there was a lot of fog in the falls today. As the sun rose, we watched the fog clear.

Let’s go down to that walkway

Near the end of the route, there is a bridge above the falls where you can feel the spray and provides a great view. We spent some time in the morning mist enjoying the view.

Almost there

Made it!


Looking towards Garganta del Diablo


We finished the walk at the same lookout that Miguel took us to on the first day. There was an elevator that we took to get back up to the road level.

View from above

Bye, waterfalls!

After enjoying the sunrise and the falls we walked back to the hotel and took our time eating at the breakfast buffet. We also had a little extra time to relax at the pool before checking out and getting a ride from Francisco back to the airport.

Taking full advantage of the breakfast and pool

First up was a quick flight back to Sao Paulo. We picked some last minute souvenirs from a store that was closing (yay sales!) in the Iguazú airport, found the lounge and waited to board.

Can we get a Chicago-style Hot Dooooooooooog????

Distant view of Iguazú Falls on the way to São Paulo

After a short flight, we arrived in São Paulo in terminal two. We knew we had to pick up our bags and check-in for our international flight in a different terminal.

Thinking (well, blindly guessing) we had to go to terminal one, we hopped on the shuttle bus, passed terminal three, got off at terminal one, only to immediately learn the international gates are in terminal three. Fortunately, our flight to Chicago was not until 10:20pm, so we had plenty of time to take another shuttle back to terminal three, check our bags, eat dinner, and relax.

Two versions of a traditional Brazilian drink

One small bonus of leaving South America via São Paulo is that United has a direct flight to O’Hare. Ten hours and one direct flight later we arrived back to Chicago to officially end this amazing trip.

Let’s board this unit!

Almost there

Welcome back to Mesquite Chicago! —- Temporarily the worst air quality in the world!

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  1. Welcome home! What an amazing adventure you two had! Thank you so much for taking us along with your photos, videos, and descriptive blog. 💙

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