Getting Ready for Bolivia, etc

Continuing with our Explora streak, we decided to visit their last location that is still open in our summer. After a couple of flights, we’ll start in the Atacama desert in Chile for four nights. We will then take a car (with an Explora driver and tour guide) into Bolivia. Fun fact: US citizens need a visa to get into Bolivia which involves hoping for the best and getting the visa at the border, or going to one of the four consulates in the US, none of which are in Chicago. Spoiler alert — we got our visas ahead of time.

Once in Bolivia, we will stop in Ramaditas for one night, then Chituca for one night, and finally the Bolivian salt flats in Uyuni for 3 nights. We’ll say goodbye to Explora (until Spring break) and head to Brazil to see the Iguazu waterfalls. That is, assuming, the one of three flights a week leaving Uyuni is on time.

Don’t worry, detailed pictures are forthcoming

Wasting no time after the last day of school (today), we head out tomorrow for a little over two weeks. This time with airport lounge access!

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  1. Bon voyage! Have a great trip. Looked up those falls – they look stunningly spectacular so will be crossing my fingers for you to be able to catch the flight you need!

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