Day 2: Lima

After getting some sleep, we went to the hotel restaurant for a breakfast of omelette, pancakes, and fresh juice. Once we were full, we went back up to the room to relax, get ready for the day, and to pack back up. We checked out right at noon and took an Uber to our next hotel which is located in the neighborhood of Miraflores.

Good Morning, Lima.

Hello, Miraflores. Welcome to the center of the maze.

Off to seize the day

We were lucky and a room was ready, so we were able to check in early, get settled, and plan out the afternoon’s adventures. I had an idea of where to go and what to see, but we ironed out the details. We took another Uber to the Historic District to see some of the famous sites. We started the the Plaza de Armas where we also saw the Palace and Official Residence of the President of Peru. It is also the oldest Spanish palace in Peru, but definitely not the oldest building (see below). Next stop was the Case de la Literatura Peruna. This building is an old train station that is now a library and museum with huge portions of the ceiling made from stained glass.

Government Palace. Not the oldest building in Lima.

Plaza de Armas

Roaming street cleaning gangs of Lima

Stained glass ceiling in the former train station/current museum

From there, we walked just a little further and went in the Museo Municipal Prehispanico where we saw collections of ceramics from the 5 cultures in Peru after the Incas, ranging from 1500 BC to 200 AD. We continued walking and attempted to see the Museo Convento de San Francisco (a giant church and monastery with catacombs), but it was very under construction and pretty well blocked off. The barriers did have pictures of what it looks like inside, so that’s basically the same.

Finding ancient kettlebells

The most concerned pots you’ve ever seen.

By this point, we were getting hungry and looking for a quick snack. Working off the axiom that we should eat where the locals eat, we figured one of the two churro places with the world’s longest lines should be the spot. We finally figured out that there are actually 2 lines — one to pay for the number of churros you want, and one to receive the churros. By the time we we able to pick up the churros, there was only one flavor left — dulce de leche cream. Turns out the wait was worth it as the churros were delicious and plenty of food to hold us over until dinner.

World’s longest churro line

Delicious churros worth the line

We ventured over to the Parque de Murals, which should be a park with flower murals, but we were reminded that it is in fact winter here, so that’s a no go on the flower blooms. We did see a police band playing (actual police officers, not a Police cover band) and the remnants of what was the city wall in 1684-1687. We were staring to head back to Miraflores when we passed the Bodega and Quadra House and decided to go in. This was an old house that went pretty much unnoticed until archeologists found it and the remains of some of the oldest settlements in Lima. We walked through the museum to see some of the artifacts up close, and we were able to walk on paths around the dig site.

Map of Lima from 1685. Note the walls.

The walls.

Has good bones, but is a real fixer-upper.

Also on our way toward getting an Uber, we stopped in the Cocoa Museum and shop where we tasted a chocolate cream pisco (delicious, 12%) as well as a passionfruit chocolate pisco (very delicious, 45%). We managed to only taste and not buy, and continued to head back.

Can I get more of that chocolate pisco?

Back at the Plaza de Armas, in Lima.

Getting too crowded. Let’s head back

We made a quick pit stop back at the hotel and decided where to look for a restaurant for dinner. Yes, you read that right, we went out to find a sit-down restaurant. We considered a few places near the hotel, but decided on Poke 51, a casual Peruvian and Asian fusion place. Our server provided some recommendations and we ended up sharing scallops, beef cheek, and octopus nori tacos. We also had a Pisco punch and fresh fruit lemonade. It was all amazingly delicious and we will probably go back tomorrow to try more of the menu.

Scallops on edamame puree

Octopus nori taco

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  1. Wow! You had a busy day. That stained glass ceiling is so beautiful. Don’t know what a churro is – looks like a rolled up corn dog – lol! And apparently whatever pisco is, it is good….especially if it’s chocolate! The food looks amazing. I’m laughing as I think how you guys have ‘elevated’ yourselves from your youthful camping days! It happens!

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