Day 8: Col de la Loze

Today is the last day of biking. We didn’t have too much of an early start today, waking up at 8:00m for a delicious breakfast of coffee, croissants, and cornflakes. We got ready for the day’s ride, which had a few options. While some people started right from the chalet, Matt started at Courchevel 1850.

Off for the last ride of the trip!

Smiling before the hard part starts

Jo has the easy job of sitting near the sign rather than riding the route

The ride started with a few kilometers from 1850 to the start of the grueling 6km up to Col de la Loze where part of the route was an insane 20% incline.

Halfway there!

Restaurant along the way at the top of a gondola

Still going up

Matt, you’re supposed to be celebrating!

At the top, there was a giant polka dot bike, aptly placed after a tough mountain ride. All of the bikers stopped and met for refreshments at the only cafe open. The next part of the ride was a steep and technical decent down to Méribel, then on to La Tania, and finally a few kilometers back to La Praz.


Matt’s reward for making it to the top

Relaxing before the ride back down

The bikers! (Minus Jim)

Starting the ride down

While the bikers were riding, I stayed in the support van until the start of the Col de Loze, where there is no access for cars. Once the riders came through and got their snacks, we went back to La Praz and had some time before the riders finished their day. I went for a run along the lake and dirt bike trails, then met Eileen for lunch.

Right as we were finishing lunch, most of the riders returned to the chalet. Matt and I relaxed in the living room, caught up on the blog, and watched the Tour. We leave very early in the morning to get to the airport on the first transport, so part of the day was spent packing up and getting ready to leave.

There are some wild windy roads here

Thanks trusty bike!

Blogging and Racing

Our final meal together was a fancy steak dinner with a smoked salmon appetizer. We had a cheese board for dessert, that included the local specialty, Beaufort d’été. This is the summer Beaufort cheese, which tastes a bit more sweet and nutty than the winter cheese since the cows can eat flowers and grass instead of hay. Dave joined us for dinner and we had a great time talking and laughing throughout the night. I was very happy to eat all sorts of cheese and drink port, thus completing my Tour de French food.

Jo’s reward for finishing the blog

It was an amazing whirlwind week and we went to sleep early, ready to travel home tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated on your fantastic trip experience! You had great weather though somewhat warm for being in the mountains! May you always have great memories and a safe trip home!

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