Day 6: Other London Things

Our day started with the excitement of virtual rapid Covid tests! After dramatically watching our 15-minute countdown clocks, we all tested negative (woo!) and are clear to fly back to the United States tomorrow.

Heading out”¦ off to see THE BEATLES!! 😀

Pfffffft! Three-step spacing is for suckers who haven’t passed their antigen tests

The first stop on today’s agenda was the iconic Abbey Road crosswalk made famous by the Beatles album of the same name. I’m sure you can imagine all the people taking pictures “€ it’s easy if you try. We even saw a barefoot man lie down in the street for his photo shoot. His mom (the photographer) was freaking out.

The world-famous attraction on Abbey Road “€ Abbey Road Baptist Church!

Ok fine, here’s the crosswalk

Once we crossed, we whispered words of wisdom “let it be,” and continued onward to King’s Cross. For some reason the Jubilee line stopped at Baker Street, but we were able to transfer to the Circle line and made it the rest of the way “€ in case you were concerned. Point is”¦ we’re pretty much Tube experts now.

In addition to serving as a major railway hub for Muggle cities, King’s Cross is also where Platform 9 3/4 is located to catch the train to Hogwarts. Predictably located between platforms 9 and 10, we donned our house scarfs and headed through the wall”¦ and ended up in the gift shop.

King’s Cross Station

No Covid tests to get to Hogwarts!

Next up was the Mail Rail at the Postal Museum. The Mail Rail is an underground train built in 1927 used to quickly transport mail to different sorting stations in London. Previously mail was transported by horse and buggy, so the Mail Rail significantly increased the efficiency of delivering mail throughout London. But most importantly, we saw this on the Amazing Race, and said, that looks fun!


Map of connected sorting stations across London

The Mail Rail was still in use for sorting and transporting mail all the way until 2003 when they determined the costs were too high, and the railway was no longer the most efficient method. It has been kept in working order since, just in case, and in the meantime, they turned it into a museum and ride.

These carts were designed for mailbags, not people.

This roller coaster was Jo’s speed (max 7.5 mph)

Where are the mail bins with our next clue?!?!

After Jo sent three letters to the wrong destination, Matt won the mail sorting contest

Dinner was approaching so we decided to return to our new favorite authentic British Pub, Horse and Guardsman. It was a bit busier today thanks to the upcoming Easter weekend, business happy hour, and online dating meetups, but we snagged a table. This time, we tried a chicken pie and the standard fish n’ chips, as well as two more local beers.

The aforementioned horses and guardsmen

British comfort food, mmmm

After dinner, we headed to the Wyndham Theater to see Life of Pi. We all really enjoyed the production. Additionally, we finally participated in the London tradition of intermission ice cream cups.

View from our seats

Obligatory theater ceiling shot


Piccadilly Circus was definitely a circus, but we made it back to Ellen’s flat (thanks again Ellen!!) to clean up, pack up, and eat all the snacks we have left. Tomorrow, we take the snazzy Heathrow Express and fly back to Chicago (assuming we don’t get Delta’ed).

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