Getting Ready for Chile

It finally feels like summer here in Chicago, so obviously, we are getting ready to flee the heat and head to the mountains of chilly Patagonia!

Alphabetical order… New Zealand, Norway, Paris, Patagonia

After two days and three flights, we plan on arriving in Punta Arenas, Chile, the most populous Southernmost city in the Americas, for a quick night. On Sunday morning we will be picked up by Hotel Explora for six nights in the Torres del Paine region of Patagonia for hiking, horseback riding, and site seeing. They even have a spa.

Our future home for a week.

From there, we spend a day in Chile’s Capital, Santiago, recovering, warming up, and exploring. Next stop is Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, for three nights. Their statues have long been a wonder, but there have been some problems with tourism destroying the statues. We will be sure not to get fined for touching the Moai. While a part of Chile, Rapa Nui is a volcanic island, similar to Hawaii, so this is the closest we will get to the relaxing beach vacation some of you loyal readers long for.

Moai statues on the beach

Flying back to Santiago, we get another two days to explore the city before making our way back to Chicago.

Santiago Skyline

Adventures start Friday. Stay tuned.

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