Day 1: Bangkok

Here we go again! Matt and I are off on another Asia adventure; this time we’re traveling through Thailand (Bangkok), Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap), and Hong Kong. Day one is all travel: Chicago-Hong Kong-Bangkok, with the gorgeous Peninsula Bangkok waiting for us at the end of our long day.

Trip itinerary

Free wi-fi at Hong Kong International Airport!

Entering Thailand!

Waiting to catch a taxi at Suvarnabhumi

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2 Comments on “Day 1: Bangkok”

  1. Love the lights of the city in the background. Hong Kong looks great.

  2. Hi Nick and Matt, Talked to Linda Groh today; Katherine and her husband visited Thailand and Cambodia last year. Her husband tried to feed some monkeys that seemed to be everywhere. One bit him and he ended up in the hospital having to get rabies shots, so STAY AWAY FROM THE MONKEYS! Love, Mom 🙂

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